Monday, 2 January 2017

RTH Switch modification for H901A

By default, the RTH switch on the H901A controller does not work as one would expect.
Normally a switch to invoke an emergency function (RTH) should not be dependant on other switch settings. On the rare occasions that I want to use RTH,, i normally need it straight away, not after fumbling around ensuring I'm in GPS mode.
I rarely fly in GPS mode, so flipping one switch is much easier in my opinion, than flicking two!

I know it's a simple enough thing to do, but I hate seeing things that make no sense, so I've modified my RTH switch to work the way "I think it should" 😜

Hopefully the pictures and video are self explanatory, Sorry about the video but I couldn't be assed to script it and it's just bumbling nonsense 

Obviously do this at your own risk.
It works OK on mine but no liability accepted if anything goes wrong.



View of controller

RTH Switch wiring

"MODE" Switch Wiring


  1. Wspaniały pomysł. Przeslij ten pomysł do Habson, powinni go wykożystać od zaraz
    Great idea. Send this idea to Habson, they should use it right away

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  3. Do you know of a way to do something like this to the H906A transmitter? It has switches that are soldered into small PC boards.